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CCNT “Futurist Funerals & China’s Skynet” - 08.01.2018

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Apparently, by 2050, we’re going to be able to attend our own funerals as robots. And China’s AI integration into foreign policy mean Skynet is officially here. Plus, Flippy is a Dodger fan, has female fans, and 23andMe shared your genetic data to scientists without you knowing about it. Lastly, if you want to be cool, Become a Patron, join the exclusive community, and receive Extended Reports of CCNT every week!


AGG for the WEEK OF July 18-30

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST FOLKS! (Updates on stories)

23andMe Is Sharing Its 5 Million Clients' Genetic Data with Drug Giant GlaxoSmithKline

Miso Robotics' Flippy robot will fry chicken and tater tots at Dodgers Stadium this summer | VentureBeat

Flippy the Robot Is the Tater Tot-Making Boyfriend I Deserve | Food & Wine

Nokia, T-Mobile US agree $3.5 billion deal, world's first big 5G award

Net Worth of Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk Compared | Money



By 2050 humans will attend own funerals as robots – futurologist — RT World News

How AI could transform the way we measure kids’ intelligence – Quartz

AI Can Watch Your Eye Movements to Read Your Personality

AI big guns pledge not to develop autonomous "killer robots"

'Mirror' analyzes your personality to show dangers of A.I. - Futurity

Report: AI is the new space race, and the US needs a “Sputnik moment” - MIT Technology Review

Science insurgents plot a climate model driven by artificial intelligence | Science | AAAS

Virtual Reality Has Reached A "Tipping Point." It's Officially Here to Stay.

Technologies That Will Change Our Lives in 2018 and Beyond | TheTechNews

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

How Robots That Swap Out Their Own Parts Will Adapt to the World on the Fly


The genetics of education: 1,271 genes account for 10% of the variation | Ars Technica

A New Study Has Proven There’s No ‘Smart Gene’

Americans Would Do Anything To Make Their Kids Smarter. Except Edit Their Genes. | HuffPost

Gene-edited plants and animals are GM foods, EU court rules | Environment | The Guardian

Tomorrow's transplant organs could come from human-pig hybrids

3 biological parents, 1 child, and an international controversy

A Tiny Worm Frozen in Siberian Permafrost For 42,000 Years Was Just Brought Back to Life

Parasite in cat poop could be reducing our fear of failure, study finds

Three children among thousands to die from euthanasia in Belgium | Daily Mail Online



Gaming’s toxic men, explained - Polygon

Blockchain Technology Makes a Breakthrough in the Online Gaming Market

WHO Classified Gaming Disorder for First Time, But Experts Say to Beware of Misdiagnosing Gamers | The Daily



Scientists set up revised ‘Rio Scale’ to rate claims of alien contact – GeekWire

Suspicious Minds - The New York Times

More Democrats Believe in UFOs Than America | Frontpage Mag

List of planets most suitable for alien life grows by two - CNET

If we need to communicate with aliens, we should introduce them to our kids.

Mars shocker: Liquid water lake found on the Red Planet | Fox News



Scientists identify ‘mummy juice’ in Egyptian sarcophagus

String Theory May Create Far Fewer Universes Than Thought

What Is (And Isn’t) Scientific About The Multiverse

Einstein’s theory of general relativity passes crucial black hole test - Vox



Racists Are Threatening to Take Over Paganism - VICE

White Witches, Tarot, Death Cults Are The New Religion

Genre creators discuss the power of witches and women at SDCC | SYFY WIRE

Pagan community center planned for “Paganistan” | The Wild Hunt

US Military Allows Norse Pagan To Wear Beard For Religious Reasons - LADbible

Russian Special Forces Are Turning to Paganism, Church Warns



The first ‘blockchain baby’ is here

Kim Kardashian Publicly Accepts Her First Bitcoin

McAfee will pay you $100k if you get into his ‘unhackable’ crypto-wallet

How an ancient stone money system works like cryptocurrency | Science News



Femen co-founder Oksana Shachko found dead in Paris flat | World news | The Guardian

Alexander McQueen's best friend Annabelle Neilson dies aged 49 | Daily Mail Online

Doctor who treated former President George H.W. Bush likely targeted, police say - CNN


Facebook's outgoing security chief sent a damning company-wide memo

Yikes: Facebook just suffered the biggest one-day loss in stock market history – BGR

YouTube removes four videos from...

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