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Gary And Artem Talk Dogs Ep 8 Part 2 - Does Playing Games With Your Dogs Change Their Behavior.

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Welcome to Gary and Artem Talk Dogs Live.

This is the second part of a two part series about toys and games people play and the struggle it can cause owners latter.

Our dogs are always learning from us. It may not be the lesson we intended, but they are always learning. Could they be miss-communicating our education?

Our show happens live every other Wed on Facebook @ 11 am, tune in here.

Be sure to turn on notifications so you don't miss it :)

We believe the search for truth should start with no assumptions. Artem and I have a mission to share our years of experience and educate people to understand and respect the way dogs think. Dogs expect us to think like them (that's all they are capable of), and humans expect dogs to understand our intensions. That is why we struggle with behavior problems in our dog/human relationship.

In our live episodes we will explain on the macro level why people are struggling so much communicating with their dogs. We answer questions, discuss human and dog psychology, and most importantly give our dogs the platform to express themselves from our years and years of detailed observation.

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