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Logitech Sync: Modern Meeting Room Device Management

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Today’s workforce is increasingly powered by video conferencing. As companies make the switch to more video enabled rooms, IT teams require scalable solutions.

Logitech Sync is a free, cloud-based platform that helps monitor and manage your Logitech video conferencing devices at scale. A real-time dashboard highlights issues that need your attention and offers in-depth diagnostic info, so you can resolve problems before they impact a meeting. With remote management capabilities, Sync makes it easy for IT to deploy product upgrades and bug fixes across thousands of devices anytime, anywhere.

Find out how Logitech is simplifying meeting room solutions at scale. With advanced monitoring, superior management capabilities, and a foundation designed for extracting rich data about meeting room utilization and device usage, Logitech Sync makes device management easy no matter how big you grow.

Learn more: www.logitech.com/sync

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