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Metro exodus - Yamantau

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Metro exodus - Yamantau

Metro Exodus have a story after the world war when every city got demolished by nuclear bombs, the word was crushed to the ground and few made it to survive, Metro exodus telling a story about 50 000 people living underground in the metro station of Moscow, hiding for 20 years, but the Metro leader was hiding information about a train that they own and about a radio Jammer that will hide any radio signals and frequencies from Moscow, they used that to play dead, fearing a new nuclear attack, the Radio jammer station was located above ground, and had a radio detector that will detect any surviving nations on the world map.

Artyom is the main character of the game and he was the first man trying to save the people by getting above ground, fighting the animals to find somewhere safe for the new life. he traveled over the Volga river with the help of the train aiming to get to the Ural mountains with dreams to find a new life for the Metro people.

The game is set on 2035 and 2036 and that is 23 years after the nuclear world war. the people were short on food and supplies, and the air was toxic at some parts of the planet. that is a side effect of the nuclear weapons.

Thanks for watching &.&.&.

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