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Project Management - How to Manage Your Clients

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How involved should your clients be in your projects? How do you manage client feedback? What happens when clients give you conflicting or confusing notes? What happens when a client misses a deadline? How do you post to the client? How do you say no to free work?

In this video, Ben and Matthew go in depth into the project management process we use at Blind, as it relates to client management.

The keys to successful client relationships are two things:
1. Transparency
2. Context

When you have these two things, you'll be able to clearly navigate your projects. This will keep your clients on track and focused. Keeping you on budget, on schedule, and happy throughout the process.

If you're interested in learning all about our system, check out our Practical Project Management Course: http://bit.ly/2I9uuPA

0:00 – How involved should the client be in project management?
0:18 –You sell your process
0:40 – You control the process
0:52 – Project Overview
1:09 – How to post to client
1:30 – The decision tree
2:20 – Give clients limited feedback time
2:46 – What happens when clients miss a deadline?
3:50 – Be flexible with projects
4:20 – Don't give free work
5:03 – How do you manage different client opinions?
6:00 – How to give recommendations
6:40 – Prioritize the direction moving forward

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