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Public Sex Club:

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Society needs a Public Sex Club paid for, by the Government. A sex club for Men, Women, and Teenagers. Even children.
It could be a place to teach people about sex. Also to meet other people looking for just sex.
Most people like sex.
Some people want sex, but they don't know how to go about having safe and fun sex.
This is where the sex Club comes in.
It could have security for safety. To make sure there's no rapes and social problems.
People could follow the Sex Club rules.

A sex club would fix a lot of societies problems. For example: There'd be a lot less rapes going on.
It would probably end prostitution.
Even Pedophilia. It could take care of a lot of problems created for lack of sex.
A sex club is needed in society.

A lot of people want to have fun, but they don't know how.
How do you start a conversation about sex with someone?
For some, it can be nerve wrecking. For others, they've practiced a lot and usually don't have a problem.
And there's always rejection. How do you deal with being rejected? That's one of the reasons why I gave up on sex. Too many rejections and humiliations.
But it could be different for you.

A sex club is a great idea. Even kids like sex, even if you don't think so.
Some kids want to do it but they have a problem.....They're kids. They shouldn't even be thinking of sex yet...that's what most people say. But they do.
It's embarrassing talking about sex to kids for some people. But it has to be done before they go around making mistakes.
So many things can happen to a kid looking for sex because they don't know how.
They run a risk of being hurt, or abused.
In a sex club, at least they'll be taught about sex. So they'd know about it, before going in that direction.
When I was a kid I wanted to have sex with grown women. But I I didn know what to do. I needed someone to explain to me the dynamics of sex. I needed somewhere I could go with my friends to learn and possibly experience sex for myself. I needed a sex club.
In the sex club, I would put sex dolls in the clubs as practice for the noobs.
You can either practice with the dolls, or look for someone you like and just ask. If the other person agrees, then you can arrange a place or you can use the sex club falicity.
You can go there just to hang out and smoke weed, or You can go there just meet people.

I know how to fix the system. I know how to create a system that works for everyone.
The Government is only focused on keeping people controlled.
We need a new system.
I know what type of system to create.
Follow me here on YouTube, or in Instagram soon. I will start making videos there too.

Okay God enjoy the live feed.
God is the truth.

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