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Rimworld 1.0 Medieval Time NO POWER | Part 32 | Too Hot To Handle

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Lets play Rimworld 1.0! In this series we will be using Medieval Times and the world will be in a permanent never ending solar flare. So no powered items what so ever. The only way to win will be to migrate to the other side of the planet. The kicker being our planets orbit is shifting. Every winter will be colder and longer than the previous. Can they make it to the ship before the final long winter sets in?

Watch the entire series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5OgJ3MvdaY&list=PL1bqly0kjCzpFtZ2hn2QwXfFE4_vOhKig

Mods: HugsLib, Allow Tool, Pick Up and Haul, Pharmacist, More Havest Designators!, While You're Up 1.0, Mass Graves, Medieval Times, Incident Person Stats, Giddy-Up!, Vanilla Animals Expanded, Vegetable Garden, Dubs Skylights, Custom Climate Cycle.

Seed Info: Failure 48.20 North 89.79 West

1.0 Patch Notes: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=41766
Watch the entire series here:

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Rimworld 1.0 Medieval Time NO POWER
Rimworld 1.0 Medieval Time NO POWER
Rimworld 1.0 Medieval Time NO POWER

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