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Waste Management - G.I. Industries

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Waste Management's team up at GI Industries in Simi Valley had a really busy 2018! In March, WM acquired Anderson Rubbish, bringing on about 30 trucks to the already huge fleet. Shortly after that, they started their contract in the Santa Monica Mountains franchise in April. Throughout the year, the amazing team managed to handle the huge increase of work. Always impressed with them.

This video shows some action around the yard in August 2018 and also includes some garbage trucks dumping at their on-site recycle transfer station. It's an old school set up but it's overall very effective and allows for some great dumping action from a safe point of view. Also, this was filmed shortly before they started getting rid of some older Macks that were no longer running, so I was very happy I got some great lineup shots filled with my favorite trucks of all time.

Notable trucks included in the video:

106212 (1:29): Here's the old Anderson 180 dumping a load of recycling for the day! Shortly after, this truck was repainted and sent up to Atascadero. Wish GI still had it!

101495 (3:56): Miguel Rivera in a spare for the day. 101495 is a beast truck and at the time, had chrome lug nut covers on it so it looked really good. Sounded great and Miguel revs all his trucks very nicely so it was fun watching him unload!

103121 (7:56): This was my first time seeing these at GI. They received two from LA Metro once they lost the City of Carson and they became frontline trucks after a lot of work was put into them. Here's GI's awesome Jose Villa in 103121 dumping his load. At the time, he was driving 101518 regularly, but that was down for the day.

101498 (9:16): Jose Ramos usually takes an MR out on Fridays to do his route. For a while it was the sister unit to that truck but once Topanga contract started, he was in this truck on Fridays. Very nice truck and it has been cared for well over the years!

101293 (10:43): One of the Midliners dumping out. These trucks were the last minis they bought brand new with a push out blade. All the other minis have been tip to dump which is cool in its own way.

214189 (12:06): So this was a surprise for sure. Anderson's old 1993 Mack MR Able Body FEL was on route for the day, however, we had no idea until he rolled into the yard after a long day on route. Unfortunately it hardly ever ran and looks worse for wear, but we were told every time they started it up, she would fire up (as long as the batteries were alive). Shows the power of old trucks!

214193 & 214203 (13:28): Here are the two CNG Mack MRU Amrep HX-450 FELs that Anderson had! Ironically these were the two trucks I wanted to see repainted first and they ended up being the first two! They looked amazing practically fresh out of the paint shop.

106222 (13:51): Another truck I wanted to see repainted was one of the two ex-UWS Mack LEU Amrep HX-450 ASLs. This one was fresh out of the paint shop, and Ron was nice enough to start it up so we could get some shots of it!

A huge thanks goes out to Steve Lee and all the other awesome employees at Waste Management - GI Industries for being so welcoming to us, always a blast coming here!

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